Abortion is one of the greatest human rights violations of our time. The killing of innocent human beings while they rest in what should be the safety of their mother’s wombs. However, in today’s society, we find ourselves having to defend this basic human right to life. In a culture that champions and lauds this killing, we must speak for those who have no voice and fight for the weak and defenseless. This page exists to break down common Pro-Choice arguments and give you the tools and confidence you need to continue to champion the human rights of the  unborn. We want to educate those who are seeking more information and to show the value and the dignity of the unborn and the mother’s who carry them. Because once we know, we can never again say we did not know.

We can no longer plead ignorance, we can not evade it; it is now an object placed before us, we can not pass it; we may spurn it, we may kick it out of our way, but we can not turn aside so as to avoid seeing it; for it is brought now so directly before our eyes. . .” William Wilberforce, 1789

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” William Wilberforce, 1791