Roe v Wade: A Brief History

On January 22nd, 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States of America handed down a ruling that would result in the loss of life of over 60 million American children. That case, was Roe v. Wade.⚖️ Roe v Wade was a court case between Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) and Texas DA Henry Wade. McCorvey, … Continue reading Roe v Wade: A Brief History

The American Holocaust: Hitler’s Case for Abortion

In today's culture, being pro-choice, synonymous with pro-abortion, is the widely accepted norm. Media outlets laud the supposed progress that society has made when it comes to women's reproductive rights. However, one must wonder if this is true progress or if society is repeating gruesome mistakes of the past. The common arguments given for abortion … Continue reading The American Holocaust: Hitler’s Case for Abortion

What’s Really Going on at Missouri’s Last Abortion Clinic?

There has been a lot of hype over the past month about the fate of Missouri’s last abortion clinic. On June 1st, Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services refused to renew the Planned Parenthood of St. Louis’s license after finding serious health concerns back in March. Planned Parenthood was quick to decry the decision … Continue reading What’s Really Going on at Missouri’s Last Abortion Clinic?

But What About Human Rights?

Previously, we discussed that the abortion debate boils down to a question of, “Who gets rights?” The Pro-Life side asserts the fundamental right to life for all; the Pro-Abortion side claims that a woman (person’s) right to bodily autonomy is greater that a fetus’s (“non-person’s”) right to life.) We noted that the issue of personhood … Continue reading But What About Human Rights?

But What About Personhood?

With all the medical and scientific advancements available to us today, it is near impossible to deny the life and humanity of the pre-born in the womb. While the denial of life and the humanity of the pre-born is still common debate among the "pro-choice" crowd, many have given up this tactic and instead focus on the perceived lack of personhood and moral and legal equivalence.